Fauquier Excellence in Education

About Us

Our Mission

To create, enrich, and expand educational opportunities for Fauquier County Public Schools. 

What we do:

· Fill the competitive gaps in the educational system.

· Improve educational and well-being outcomes for all children.

· Meet the needs of teachers, administrators, students, and the community.

· Generate equity across the county for education.

· Create the best possible environment for the greatest number of children.

The foundation provides financial assistance to teachers enabling them to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops and cultural programs to further their professional development. For 31 years, more than 194 teachers have been awarded financial assistance in excess of $284,000.

We fund off-campus activities that enhance our children’s learning experiences to prepare them for citizenship and for working in the 21st century with diverse populations, cultures and technologies. We are dedicated to creating innovative programs, and initiatives, and cultivating partnerships with local and regional corporations, foundations and individual donors.