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The Fellowship Program

The Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation provides financial assistance to dedicated Fauquier County public school teachers to enable them to participate in high quality professional development opportunities that will impact their classroom teaching.  These funds will support participation in experiences such as conferences, seminars, research, cultural programs and summer institutes. Since the program began in 1984, funds in excess of a quarter of a million dollars have benefited nearly 200 teachers as they pursued a diverse list of opportunities.

At the discretion of the Foundation, the Thomas W. diZerega Award is presented to an award recipient whose professional excellence demonstrates the highest teaching standards.

How to Apply for Grants

Teachers who have taught in the Fauquier County School system for a minimum of three years, are tenured in our system, intend to continue to teach in Fauquier County, and have not received a grant in the previous three years are eligible to apply for grants.

Excluded from consideration are required courses in pursuit of advanced degrees and activities that do not relate to the applicant’s assigned teaching level or subject area.  Groups of teachers who work together in a particular school or subject area, and for whom a shared experience will strengthen the benefits to students, are welcome to apply for the same opportunity.

The application schedule and deadlines are listed below. Further details are available at www.fauquiereie.org/grants/teacher-grants including the application itself.

Completed applications should be sent per instructions on the form.  The Principal's Recommendation Form is taken to the principal by the applicant and will be returned to us directly by the principal.  Applicants may be interviewed by members of the Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation.

The Foundation is solely responsible for the selection of award recipients and for determining the amount of financial assistance that is provided.

                                         Application Schedule

            Application Period Opens:                January 6, 2017
            Application Deadline:                       February 28, 2017
            Principal’s Form Deadline:                March 3, 2017
            Committee Interviews:                      March 20 – 31, 2017
            Announcement of Award Winners:   by April 17, 2017

                                                                                                                                                updated January 2017